June 28, 1969: The Spark That Lit The Fire

The History of the Stonewall Uprising

This exhibit was created by The Center on Colfax’s Colorado LGBTQ History Project to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

Thank you to the Mountain States Against Hate Coalition for supporting this exhibit.

Thank you to our editorial contributors: Sarah Crocker, David Duffield, Emily Ferrufino-Coqueugniot, Owen Flaherty, Rex Fuller, Carol Hiller, and Douglas Langworthy.

Stonewall 50 - LGBTQ History Project

Lesson Plan

Download a lesson plan to assist educators in teaching the history of Stonewall and LGBTQ activism in the classroom.

Online Resources

Life Before Stonewall

"The Homosexuals"

CBS Reports broadcasts "The Homosexuals" in 1967, presenting a window into gay life before Stonewall.

Early Activism

The Black Cat Tavern

The riot and subsequent protests at Los Angeles’s Black Cat Tavern predated Stonewall by two years. Los Angeles TV station KCET produced this short documentary about the historic event in 1967.

Black Cat Tavern
Mattachine Review, August 1959, Volume 5, Number 6

Mattachine Review (August, 1959) 

The Mattachine Society held its sixth national convention in Denver in 1959. Read a PDF of the Society’s magazine covering the Denver convention.

One Magazine, July 1954, Volume 2, Number 7

ONE Magazine (July, 1954) 

ONE, Inc. was one of the earliest LGBTQ activist organizations in the U.S. Read a PDF of their magazine from 1954.

One Magazine, July 1967, Volume 15, Number 4

ONE Magazine (April, 1967) 

ONE, Inc. published their magazine for many years, but by 1967 the organization was facing increased financial pressure. ONE Magazine ceased publication in 1969. Read a PDF of the magazine that includes material from as far back as 1957.

The Ladder, September 1958, Volume 2, Number 12

The Ladder (September, 1968) 

Read a PDF of The Ladder, the magazine published by the Daughters of Bilitis. This edition includes a short story by “Emily Jones," the pseudonym for African American playwright Lorraine Hansberry, most famous for writing A Raisin in the Sun.

Homosexuality at the Movies

The Celluloid Closet (1995)

Narrated by Lily Tomlin, this acclaimed documentary takes its name from Vito Russo's groundbreaking book. The filmmakers examine the subtext of more than 100 Hollywood movies -- including Spartacus, Rope and Thelma and Louise -- and chart the cinematic journey of lesbian and gay characters. Film clips are paired with director, producer and actor interviews featuring, among others, Gore Vidal, Tom Hanks and Whoopi Goldberg.

The Riots

The Village Voice

Two Village Voice reporters were at the Stonewall the night the riots happened. Howard Smith managed to get inside the bar while the crowd rioted outside. Lucian K. Truscott IV happened by as the riots escalated and observed from outside. Read accounts from both writers here, republished by the Voice in 2015:

Police Reports

OutHistory.org published nine pages of New York City Police Department records documenting the Stonewall riots from the perspective of the NYPD.

Stormé DeLaverie: The Incredible True Story

You may have never heard of her, but she was a character! Stormé DeLaverie may have thrown the first punch. Gimlet Media’s great podcast The Nod shares her fascinating story.

The Village Voice

Pay It No Mind: The Life & Times of Marsha P. Johnson 

This documentary gives a fascinating look into the life of activist Marsha P. Johnson.

Sylvia Rivera: Speaking Her Truth

Though they tried to prevent her from speaking, radical activist Sylvia Rivera stormed the stage at Christopher Street Liberation Day 1973. Watch her speak in this YouTube video.

Activism Inspired by Stonewall

The first Christopher Street Liberation Day

Watch video of the very first gay pride march.

Women's Bookstores

Check out this short documentary about the history and impact of women’s bookstores.

The Save Our Children Campaign

Anita Bryant: News report about the Save Our Children campaign

CBS reporter Barbara Howar confronts Anita Bryant in a 1977 interview.

Anita Bryant: The Pie in the Face

News coverage of the Iowa press conference where activists hit Anita Bryant in the face with a pie.

The Assassination of Harvey Milk

The Assassination of Harvey Milk

An NBC News report on Harvey Milk’s election.

Interview with Senator Dianne Feinstein

At the time of the assassinations, Feinstein was President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. She heard the shots and called the police, and when Mayor Moscone was killed, she became mayor of the city. In this interview, she speaks publicly about her experience.

Activism in the 1970s

Big Mama Rag

Read copies of Big Mama Rag at this digital archive.

"81 Words"

Podcast of This American Life’s documentary about how the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from the DSM.

The 1979 March on Washington for Gay & Lesbian Rights

Watch this short documentary about the groundbreaking 1979 march.

The Imperial Court of the Rocky Mountain Empire

Imperial Court of the Rocky Mountain Empire 

Browse the history, as well as the current activism, of Colorado’s oldest LGBTQ organization.

The Center's History

The Center on Colfax

Read the history of The Center on Colfax.

Gender Identity Center

Gender Identity Center 

Visit the website for the GIC and learn about their programs and activities.

Out Front Colorado

Out Front Colorado

Visit the website of Colorado’s gay magazine.

Exhibit Bibliography

Thank you to our editorial contributors: Sarah Crocker, David Duffield, Emily Ferrufino-Coqueugniot, Owen Flaherty, Rex Fuller, Carol Hiller, and Douglas Langworthy.

Exhibit Bibliography compiled by Emily Ferrufino-Coqueugniot.

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Radio Broadcasts


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