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Movement and Countermovement Dynamics Between the Religious Right and LGB Community Arising from Colorado’s Amendment 2
By Lauren L. Yehle
Political Science honor thesis - June 12, 2019

The Queen City: Denver’s Gay Community’s fight for legal changes - 1973-1974
By Nick Ota-Wang
May 2019

"Against the Order of Nature": Creating a Gay Identity Under the Law in Colorado, 1880-1914
By Jackson Springer
Senior thesis - Spring 2018

Living Activism Through Lesbian Separatism: Building the Lesbian Community in Colorado, 1970-1980
By Amy Lily
Senior thesis - March 16, 2017

Restructuring Feminism: A Comparative History of Women's Activist and Service Provision Groups in Denver's Capitol Hill Area, 1968-1985
By Lisa Humphreys-Smith
Masters thesis - December 17, 2016

Gay Bars and the Emergence of Denver Gay Society
By Thomas Jacob Noel, University of Colorado at Denver
Originally published in The Social Science Journal (Vol. 15, No. 2), April 1978
This document is the first published history of Denver's LGBT community.

The Gay West
By Terry Mangan
An unpublished paper at the Colorado Historical Society (undated)

The Sensibilities of Our Forefathers: The History of Sodomy Laws in the United States
By George Painter
Edited August 11, 2004

PrideFest: A History of Denver's Gay Pride Celebration
By Aaron B. Marcus
Originally published in Colorado Heritage, May/June 2011

Setting the Stage for Denver's Royalty: The ICRME from 1974-1976
By Sarah Blattner
Written January 31, 2016

Queen City of the Plains? Denver's Gay History 1940-1975
By Keith L. Moore
Masters Thesis, University of Colorado, Department of History
Published November 21, 2014

R-0: Race, Sexuality and Single-Family Zoning in Denver's Park Hill and Capitol Hill Neighborhoods, 1956-1989
By B. Erin Cole
Doctoral Dissertation, The University of New Mexico, Doctor of Philosophy History degree program
Published May 2014

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