About the Project

The Colorado LGBTQ History Project was established to collect and preserve oral histories from those who lived it, archive these histories and make them available to the public, and actively educate the community on LGBTQ history.

If you have questions about this project or would like to get involved, please contact David Duffield at history@lgbtqcolorado.org.

Project Services
  • Oral History: The Colorado LGBTQ History Project (The Project) has ongoing oral history training and will resurrect the committee as COVID-19 wanes, with plans to work with the Museum of Memory in late 2022 and early 2023. The project has over 115 oral histories of LGBTQ people in Colorado.
  • Document Archiving: The Project has worked out a process to create inventories of collections with organizations and individual collectors. We have donated 30 collections through this method to the Denver Public Library. Currently, we have one documents volunteer and two pending collections with a spring goal of an “archive drive” working with donors in Capitol Hill to create a collection drive for History Colorado and DPL.
  • Education: The Project is currently working on lesson plans for Denver Public Schools for LGBTQ History, and could use help creating a training for teachers on LGBTQ history in social studies as an ongoing basis.
  • Networking: The Project is working with organizations around the city to create and demonstrate LGBTQ history centered projects and presentations.

Art Contest: "The Words We Teach..."

The Center on Colfax and Rocky Mountain College of Arts and Design (RMCAD) have partnered up to host "The Words We Teach...": an art contest highlighting Denver LGBTQ+ history.

This contest asks participants to create original pieces of artwork that tell stories from Denver's LGBTQ+ history.

Oral History

Oral histories are digital recordings of the lives and stories of LGBTQ Coloradans. Listen to them in our collection at the link below. This project has been funded by The National Trust for Historic Preservation's Telling the Full History Preservation Fund, with Support from National Endowment for the Humanities.

Research & Resources

View articles, news clippings, and correspondence related to Colorado’s LGBTQ history, plus learn more about The Center on Colfax's founding in the Unity Archives and find additional resources for exploring LGBTQ history.

Walking Audio Tour: LGBTQ History in Denver

The Center on Colfax has developed a walking audio tour in partnership with AARP Colorado. Learn about Denver's rich LGBTQ history while touring the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Historical Photographs

View historical photographs that capture our rich and diverse history.