Can Your Employees Bring Their Whole Selves to Work?

By |July 15th, 2016|Transgender Program, Legal, RANGE|

Think for a moment about your average Monday morning water cooler or coffee conversations when you arrive at work. Do you chat with your coworkers about what you did over the weekend? Share that you went to the movies with your wife or to a museum exhibit with your boyfriend? What about your desk? Are there framed photos of you and your spouse or significant other like there are on mine? Now imagine if you had to constantly be careful to never mention your spouse’s gender or even name because it might out you to your coworkers as gay. Imagine if you didn’t feel comfortable displaying pictures of them on your desk because it would invite questions or comments or even discrimination. Imagine if you overheard jokes or offensive comments about people like yourself by coworkers or your boss who don’t know you are transgender. Would you feel comfortable?