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Every year since 1999, the transgender community around the world has come together on November 20th to honor those that have lost their lives to anti-transgender violence by celebrating Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR). So far this year, 21 transgender individuals have been murdered due to their perceived gender identity and pervasive transphobia. TDoR acts as an event for the transgender community to come together to mourn and honor the lives lost over the past year and to put a spotlight on the plight faced by the trans community.

At the event, community members engage in a memorial service by reading the names of those that have been murdered, being educated by speakers about trans resilience, empowerment and connection and having light refreshments surrounded by supportive people. We are honored to collaborate to provide supportive and affirming space for the trans community to come together and heal. This event allows trans people of all ages to rise up out of isolation, join together and be surrounded by love and connection while mourning the loss of our community members.