Jokers, Jewels & Justice is made possible thanks to the support of presenting sponsor The Vinnik Companies. The Center’s annual fundraising dinner supports The Center’s Training and Legal programs, including RANGE Consulting, a program offering LGBTQ inclusivity training to companies statewide.

About The Vinnik Companies

The Vinnik Companies is a family office established in 1999 by its current director Jonathan Vinnik. Upon his return from working in Russia, Jonathan established The Vinnik Companies to facilitate continued participation in various commodity and equity markets. The Vinnik Companies’ subsidiaries most heavily participate in oil, gas, and global equity capital markets, but do have a presence in various other industries.

Operated by Jonathan’s son Andrew, LaContes Clone Bar and Dispensary is a Denver cannabis dispensary chain which opened its doors in 2013. LaContes joined the Vinnik Companies in 2016 and merged with Pure Greens - Colorado’s largest cannabis cultivator - in 2018. Sitting on 24 acres of riverfront property in Salida, Pure Greens' green house covers 136,000 square feet of canopy to produce several tons of cannabis flower yearly. This cannabis operation provides The Vinnik Companies, and other family offices, with an expanded vehicle with which to participate in the cannabis industry.

Why They Believe in Supporting the LGBTQ Community

Jonathan, Andrew, and the entire Vinnik family have a strong connection to their Jewish religion and culture. “One of Judaism’s core pillars is Tzedakah, the moral obligation of giving to your people and community for the broader benefit of the world we all share,” said Andrew Vinnik.

Regardless of the industries in which the Vinnik Companies participate, they all participate in Tzedakah, contributing back to the communities in which they operate.

“Involving one of the companies in the LGBTQ community is not a lighthearted decision,” Andrew said “Not yet a century ago, Europe's Jews, together with its LGBTQ citizens, had their very existence threatened. The world has come a long way from the terrors of the early 20th century but still the world has groups who fight for their right to exist. In the US today, the struggle for LGBTQ rights exemplifies this ongoing battle. Daily, those of the LGBTQ community must face a world in which they are deprived of basic decency, rights, and humanity. And while nearly 50 years after the Stonewall Riots in New York, the rights of the LGBTQ community have come a long way, we stand today knowing that there is still work to be done.”

The Vinnik Companies, LaContes, and Pure Greens are united with the LGBTQ community in the continued fight for legitimacy, understanding, and equality the nation over.

“We are grateful and honored by the support of The Vinnik Companies,” said Center CEO Debra Pollock. “Working with community partners such as The Vinnik Companies allows The Center to continue advancing the cause of LGBTQ equality.”

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