Delve into these digital recordings, firsthand stories about the lives of LGBTQ people in Colorado.

Mary Celeste

Mary Celeste was the first out and proud lesbian to be elected in Denver County. She is also a founding, long time member of the Colorado GLBT Bar Association, LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce, and was a leader with the Colorado Legal Initiatives Project (CLIP) in their work against Amendment 2.

Tea Schook

Sue Anne Michaels

Annie Brenman-West

Bill Olson

Alice Cookie Barron

Beth Kahmann

Bob Janowski

Bearing Witness Project

HIV/AIDS hit Colorado in 1982 and by 2015, more than 5,000 people had died from the disease, while 11,000 currently live with it. This project aims to gather their stories. In partnership with the Colorado AIDS Project (CAP), we gather oral histories, help with document collections, and provide educational outreach.

If your life has been impacted by HIV/AIDS, we want to hear your story. Please email David Duffield at


Bill Olson: "Being Gay in Church"

Bob Janowski: "Eugene Levi Case"

Phil Hoyle

Frankie Siebert

Elisabeth McConnell 

Ellis McFadden