The Denver Archdiocese has put out a 17-page document to school administrators with recommendations on handling LGBTQ issues regarding LGBTQ guidance to Catholic schools. According to The Denver Post, "the document said schools should not allow students to use pronouns 'at odds with the student’s biological sex.' School officials are advised not to promote students’ acceptance and approval of LGBTQ identities. Teachers who decide to transition are 'not suited to teach in a Catholic school or to carry out the school’s mission in any capacity.' At the same time, the document implores schools to show compassion for gay and transgender students, saying ministry toward LGBTQ students should be executed with 'charity and prudence' and affirm God’s unconditional love while still being faithful to church teachings and 'the truth.' "

In response, The Center on Colfax has released this statement:

"It is discouraging and deeply disappointing that an organization that preaches peace and love has decided to target marginalized groups such as transgender students and same-sex parents. The endorsement of anti-LGBTQ attitudes by the Archdiocese sends a message that violence addressed towards the LGBTQ community and specifically against LGBTQ students by their teachers and their church is acceptable.

These young people are going through a difficult journey to understand who they are. That journey is hard enough without being told that they are not acceptable to their classmates or their teachers or their God.

It is frightening how often we see discrimination against entire groups of people cloaked under the guise of religion. This kind of ignorance and blanket discrimination cannot be allowed to become normal."

Check out the link below to read more about the Archdiocese's guidance to Catholic Schools.