Rainbow Alley’s Summer Academy came and went in a flurry of glitter, rainbows, and half-empty soda cans. We spent the week appreciating, creating, and learning a multitude of different art forms, in addition to understanding the queer history behind these mediums. Folx laughed, cried, and based on carefully calculated survey data, ended the week feeling gayer than ever.

We started the week at the Denver Center for Performing Arts, where the youth toured and participated in acting and technical theatre workshops. Tuesday started with a historical art project, where we honored our LGBTQIA+ heroes, and ended with a queer euphoria writing workshop. On Wednesday, we learned about drag from Miss Jessica L’whor and visited the Museo de las Americas for a conversation about healthy relationships. We spent Thursday hopping between the Denver Art Museum and the Museum of Contemporary art and topped the day off with a virtual visit from our favorite stand-up comedian, Isaac Duarte. Finally, it was Friday, and our young people participated in a rock star workshop and talent show.

In case you hadn’t noticed, we have a lot of talented youth.

Overall, it was wonderful week of bonding, creativity, and honoring the LGBTQIA+ pioneers who came before us, but also those who are paving the way today.