The Center on Colfax denounces the actions of the Tennessee legislature and Governor Bill Lee for signing a bill banning drag performances in public spaces as well as banning gender-affirming health care for youth in Tennessee. The ban outlaws a form of entertainment and free expression and traditions that stretch back centuries and specifically targets LGBTQ communities. Banning gender-affirming care for young people in the state of Tennessee will cause pointless suffering for those who require this care for good mental and physical health. Shame on Tennessee for bowing down to far-right political forces stoking fear and reinforcing baseless stereotypes, flying in the face of common sense and science.

The Center on Colfax also condemns the actions of Governor Tate Reeves of Mississippi for his signing of a similar bill earlier this week that bans gender-affirming health care for youth in the state. This week's bills in Mississippi and Tennessee fall into the disturbing trend of anti-trans legislature that has been passed in recent months.

See the articles linked below for more information on this week's bans & previous anti-trans legislature.

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