At The Center on Colfax, we believe that all people deserve to bring their whole selves to work and be fully valued as contributing and impactful employees. That's why we offer LGBTQ diversity, equity, and inclusion training services through our RANGE Consulting program, with the goal of eliminating LGBTQ discrimination in Colorado's workplaces.

RANGE believes an organization changes one person at a time. All employees, not just leaders, are integral to creating an inclusive organization culture. Our approach provides all employees with practical methods and communication tools to empower positive change in the organizational culture. We do so by providing the following services to our clients:

  • Consulting & Coaching: RANGE develops customized solutions for organizations. We will work with clients to uncover areas of concern, review policies, deliver leadership coaching, and propose strategies for moving forward with all employees of an organization.
  • Training: RANGE provides training at client locations that is customized to align with organizations’ needs and culture. Presented in a judgement-free setting, participants learn about topics related to LGBTQ communities, including leadership support for employees transitioning gender on the job.
  • Assessment & Metrics: RANGE works closely with clients to assess organizational strengths and vulnerabilities pertaining to inclusivity.  A goal of our work is sustainable and measurable outcomes. We can analyze organizations’ existing data and/or conduct focus groups and surveys to assess progress.

In 2020, RANGE will embark on its fifth year of supporting Colorado employers. Since its founding, RANGE has partnered with 90 clients and engaged with 3618 individual participants. Whether your company wants to take the first step towards LGBTQ inclusion or fine-tune your existing diversity and inclusion policies, we’d love to meet with you to discuss ways in which RANGE Consulting can partner with your organization.

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