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||Technology Lectures for Older Adults
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Thursdays  |  2:30-3:30pm  |  April 11-June 13, 2019
Hosted in Partnership with Senior Planet

4/11, Cloud Storage: Addresses the basics of cloud storage: what it is, how to use it, and why it's the future of data storage. A few of the most popular cloud storage services will be demonstrated.

4/18, Instagram: This lecture offers an overview of some of Instagram's more popular features and will give you a taste for what the platform is all about.

4/25, Crowdfunding: This presentation explores the fundamentals of using a crowdfunding campaign to raise money, as well as how to search for and contribute to other people's campaigns. The presentation also discusses three popular crowdfunding platforms, GoFundMe, Kickstarter, and Indiegogo.

5/2, Drones: This lecture discusses the basics about drones: what they are, who uses them and why, including some of the exciting new ways drones are being used - from delivering Kindles and popcorn via Amazon Prime Air to delivering much needed medicine to remote areas of Africa.

5/9, YouTube: This presentation gives an overview of the free content available on YouTube while demonstrating how to navigate the site with ease. It also covers tips for viewing and sharing others' videos and uploading your own.

5/16, Ebay and PayPal: Addresses basic features like buying and selling on eBay, as well as some important concepts, like seller feedback scores. This lecture will also present a basic overview of some of PayPal's most popular features.

5/23, Facebook: This lecture offers an overview of Facebook's evolution, its most popular features, and tips for getting in on the action. It will also cover privacy settings as well as the role of advertising on Facebook.

5/30, iPhones: This lecture discusses the basic functions and features of the iPhone and the essentials for anyone considering buying an iPhone.

6/6, Ride Sharing Apps: Apps have changed the way many people get around! This presentation will explore ride sharing apps, which are also known as e-hailing apps. Learn about the two most popular apps - Uber and Lyft - and the pros and cons of them both.

6/13, Twitter: This lecture covers Twitter's most important features, as well as the social importance the service has gained over the last ten years.

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Hosted in Partnership with Senior Planet

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