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There are so many different ways to experience sex. However, “traditional” sex education rarely includes the wide spectrum of sexualities, genders, and bodies that exist. This workshop will give you the tools to have queer and trans-affirming conversations about puberty, relationships, and sex. We will discuss using inclusive language, challenging assumptions, busting myths, and breaking free from cis/hetero norms. Come with all your unasked questions so that we can bring LGBTQ+ youth back into sexuality conversations.

These workshops are meant for youth and the adults who care about them. Denver-based sex educators Ruthie Isoz and Rachel Gellert will concurrently guide adults and youth around a wide range of sexual health issues. The youth sessions are best for ages 10-17, and the adult sessions are open for anyone who plays a supportive role for a young person - parents, family members, educators, friends, all are welcome! The evening will end with the opportunity to come together for shared discussion and practice.