Rainbow Alley Open Art Studio: Art Inspired by Stonewall

|Rainbow Alley Open Art Studio: Art Inspired by Stonewall
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Rainbow Alley Open Art Studio: Art Inspired by Stonewall
Saturday, March 9 | 3:00-6:00pm

Join artist Adrienne Norris at the Rainbow Alley Open Art Studio to help create artwork inspired by the 50th anniversary of the riots at the Stonewall Inn and the LGBTQ civil rights movement

About the Artist:

ADRIENNE NORRIS is an artist living in Denver, currently well-known for her series Women Behaving Badly. "The Women Behaving Badly series was born out of a desire to educate people about women from the past," Adri says. "Their stories have been lost over time and this loss is a disservice to those women, to the women and girls living now, and to society as a whole. Sharing these stories through my art inspires young girls with role models they've never seen before. These stories make adults think more about what they have and what they have yet to gain by listening to the voices of the unheard."

What to Expect at the Workshop

  • Adri will lead a quick workshop about the history of the Stonewall riots and how the events influenced LGBTQ activism. Be inspired by what happened and the people involved.
  • The Center will provide free art supplies and Adri's mentorship to produce work inspired by Stonewall.
  • Adri will lead a workshop focused on producing collages inspired by the history of Stonewall, but your creativity is encouraged and welcomed! We will have a supply of historical images available to work from.

Stonewall 50

June 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising, three nights of rioting at an historic gay bar in New York’s Greenwich Village that is widely viewed as a turning point in the modern fight for LGBTQ civil rights. The Center is marking this important anniversary with a series of free exhibits and events exploring this history and impact of that historic night long ago.

Stonewall 50: Artists That Spark is a series of free art workshops meant to explore the legacy of activism that grew from the spirit of the riots at the Stonewall Inn. Some of the art produced at this workshop will be selected to be exhibited in the lobby as part of a special community art show on display from May-August.

Stonewall 50