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Queer D&D campaign starting!

When: Thursday, August 18th at 5:00pm

Where: The Center on Colfax:

Contact Dari for more information at ddaseke@gmail.com

Would you like to play a game where you can be anyone you can imagine? Do anything you want?

If you've never tried Dungeons & Dragons, or if you've played for decades, I'll do my best to bring you a unique and wonderful experience.

This game will run approximately two Thursday evenings per month, everyone is welcome to play.

If you didn’t know, D&D is a fantasy role playing game where you create your own story. Think of it as make believe for adults. Sure there are some rules and dice rolling involved, but it’s the stories and characters that are the most important thing!

Please join me Thursday, August 18th at 5:00pm for a “session 0,” where we will discuss what everyone would want out of a new D&D game.

Here is what will be discussed:

Scheduling, Themes, Characters, Safety Tools, Expectations, Logistics, World Overview, and Player Conduct

Who am I?

My name Dari and I have been running D&D games for over thirty years. I’m also a pansexual trangender woman and I’ve found D&D is a perfect way to experiment with sexuality and gender identity.

Please come join us!

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