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10:30 am History and Storytelling for LGBTQ Writers and Artists: The Center on Colfax, Colorado LGBTQ History Project 

In this writer's workshop, we will study examples of how to incorporate history and/or interviews into making art.  We will work through three real-world examples of how artists used interviews to build mixed-media and fine art in the 2020 exhibit Queen City, how students in Denver used history and interviews to create the first public art for Denver's LGBTQ community, and finally how artists like the Queer Ancestors Project in San Francisco, run by Katie Gilmartin, create fiction, print art, and zines based upon queer history.  The workshop method will focus on the Colorado Method of using images, narrative, and symbols based in interviews rich with historical detail as art content used in social justice. 

David Duffield is an educator and historian who founded the Colorado LGBTQ History Project.  


11:30 am Memoir Workshop Description: Lighthouse Writers 

Your story matters. This workshop will provide exercises to help you generate ideas from your lived experience. Then we’ll explore tips to help you decide which stories you want to write and get started. All writing levels welcome! 

Jesaka Long (she/they) is an instructor at Lighthouse Writers Workshop, where she also runs the Queer Creatives program. She earned her MFA in writing at Vermont College of Fine Arts. You can find Jesaka’s latest story, inspired by a real-life event, in Hunger Mountain. 


12:30 pm Resources for Queer Writers and Readers: Denver Public Library 

What can your library do for you? Come to this workshop to learn about resources, services, programs, and collections at the Denver Public Library for LGBTQIA2S+ writers and readers. The library's not just about books anymore. We have computer stations, laptops, State Parks passes, ebooks, audio books, museum passes, how-to videos, streaming movies, streaming music, idea lab maker-spaces, databases, and reference services. And come check out all the programming of interest to writers, bibliophiles, movie buffs, and LGBTQIA2s+ people. Looking for a meeting room for your writing group or book club? Learn which libraries have great spaces for creative people. The Denver Public Library wants to serve you! 

Kate Burns is a genderqueer lesbian who works at the Denver Public Library and loves her job. She writes comix, creative nonfiction, screenplays, and has been scratching out that novel for years. Her passion is documenting and archiving the fabulous lives of LGBTQIA2S+ people to ensure our stories are well represented and accessible. 


1:30 pm DIY and Self-Publishing for Queer Authors  

Love to write but don't know where to start? This workshop will break the process down from idea to execution, proving that with some hard work and research, you can get published or publish yourself if you put your mind to it!  

Addison-Herron-Wheeler is co-publisher and editor-in-chief of OFM (OUT FRONT Magazine), staff writer at High Times, and managing editor at New Noise. She is also self-published author of Wicked Woman: Women in Metal from 1960 to Now and DIY-published author of a short-story collection titled Respirator. 

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