Movement Therapy

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Movement Therapy

This class focuses on movement and breathing and is instructed by Cristina Michaels. Cristina has spent her life in dance and studied in prestigious schools such as Julliard and Pacific Northwest Ballet School. Retiring from dance at the age of 30, she began her transition. At birth, Christina was assigned male, as soon as she came out and transitioned she was met with zero support from the dance community. Christina struggled for many years with addiction until she started to regain focus and created the Queer Dance Project. The Queer Dance Project provides a space where dancers can be themselves and live out their fantasies. West of 50 is so excited to be able to partner with Cristina and have her come on board to teach us! Source:

About Movement Therapy - this class focuses on movement and breathing. Each session will focus on meeting participants where they are at with their bodies. Covering breathing techniques, Qigong (Chee-gong) techniques cultivate and nourish the natural energy that moves through the body. Eventually expanding to some basic Tai Chi postures and movements. Some aspects of each session will incorporate Modern/Contemporary dance movements along with some Classical Ballet techniques. Participants are encouraged to wear socks or comfortable shoes for this class. Comfortable clothing is very much encouraged.

Movement Therapy happens Fridays from 10:30am—11:30am. RSVP to: 303.951.5222 To learn more about Christina's story go to:

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