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Tuesday, May 14 |  1:00-3:00pm 
A Special Presentation Hosted in Partnership with Bob Janowski, MD

Who's Got Your Back? Easy Steps to Emergency Medical Security

No one’s immune to accidents or other medical surprises, so who’ll speak for you if you’re unable to make decisions in a crisis? Even if you’re married, the law doesn’t assume your spouse or family has authority to speak for your health care, but there are a few quick steps that will make sure you’re in charge, your decisions are recognized, and your values are protected. Start with a simple hand-written wallet card and learn what other easy documents carry authority in a medical emergency. Bob Janowski MD, who provided Family Medicine services to Denver’s LGBTQ community for over two decades, will lead the group discussion and offer additional individual counsel.

RSVP by May 17 to Reynaldo Mireles at 303-951-5222