Creative Meditation Workshop with Quána Madison

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Creative Meditation Workshop with Quána Madison

Join artist & inner peace gardener, Quána Madison, for a monthly 60-minute creative meditation workshop. This workshop will use a variety of mindfulness exercises and expressive arts-based activities to promote relaxation, self-compassion, emotional self-awareness and mental well-being.

In this workshop you will:

  • Cultivate kindness and compassion for yourself
  • Explore mindfulness practices to promote well-being
  • Express your inner experiences and feelings through art-making

*This workshop is sponsored by Colorado Artists in Recovery (CAiR). CAiR promotes an inclusive and creative recovery community for folks affected by substance use and mental health. Learn more about CAiR's free in-person and virtual workshops by visiting

About Quána Madison:

Quána Madison is an artist, inner peace gardener, healing arts workshop facilitator and coach. Expressive arts revived her soul after enduring cancer previvor treatments and developing disruptive life-changing chronic illnesses. Quána believes art nourishes well-being. She combines inner wellness practices with expressive arts to promote creativity, connectedness and holistic well-being. A graduate of New York University and Colorado College, Quána holds a MA in Education and a BA in Philosophy. More information is available at and

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